Traffic access

162-6 for Kasari-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima

15 minutes by car from the airport.

Straight along the coastal road heading north.

Because the entrance is narrow, we recommend using a light rental car.

There are no places to shop in the surrounding area, so if you are using a bus or taxi, we recommend shopping in advance.

Information: Island Bus , Taxi

When you see the sign, it's almost time.

Go straight (to the right) about 100m and turn left at the next sign.

When turning left, the road is narrow, so please be careful of the inner ring difference when making a big turn.

After paying attention to the cars in front and behind, it is easier to turn if you swell to the right once.

*If you are not confident in driving, please park your car in the temporary parking lot and contact the manager.

Continue along the narrow road and turn left again.

Continue straight for about 50m until you reach the end of the road.

Please be careful as the road is narrow.

You will see the inn on your right.

You can park your car wherever you like.

Temporary parking lot

When entering the entrance, if you are not confident in driving, please park here and contact the manager.

Manager phone number: 090-9583-9043

island bus

Island bus homepage

Amami Airport ⇔ Sani Line

Destination: entrance for

Airport Departure→Arrival Time: 9:10→9:31, 10:40→11:01, 12:10→12:31, 13:40→14:01, 15:10→15:31, 16:35→16:56, 18:39→19:00, 19:43→20:04, 20:32→20:53
Departure → Airport arrival time: 6:29 → 6:50, 7:49 → 8:10, 8:44 → 9:05, 10:14 → 10:35, 11:44 → 12:05, 13:14 → 13:35, 14:44 → 15:05

* The time is the October 2021 revision. Please check the Shima Bus website for the latest information.


About 2,600 yen one way

Mitsui Taxi
Please contact the taxi company for exact rates.